You're lost for words...

You’re lost for words…

But I can find them for you

Hi, I’m Abi a copywriter and messaging buff for coaches and creative business owners.

My clients operate from a place of integrity. Good people who want to do good in the world. Heart-led, often neurodivergent, always busy.

I help them untangle their messaging and write them clear, relateable copy so they can promote their business, get more clients, make more sales and love the way all of that feels.

You’ve tried everything to figure this stuff out


Followed all the social accounts, saved all those valuable posts, bought the courses, read the books (well, half-read the books). You took the workshops, joined the memberships, travelled halfway around the country to get to the events and still…you can’t figure out what to say or how to say it.


Nothing seems to work – and why is that? 


The answer is really simple. You’ve been searching for something, but you already have it. You don’t need to figure your messaging out anymore – you need someone to shine a mirror back at you and say:


“THIS has been your message all along. I’ll take it and turn it into gorgeous, relatable copy
so we can get that message in front of the people who need it”.


See that right there ☝🏼? That’s what I do for you.

Abi Sea, the flip flop queen


I love a pair of flip-flops just as much as the next person, but it’s not footwear I’m talking about.


My messaging was so out of alignment with who I am and what I loved doing that I kept flipping and flopping between services and niches.


Head-banging frustration is what followed.


My marketing was inconsistent, my message was confusing as hell. Nobody really knew what I did and so they couldn’t recommend me, never mind book me.


As a result, my income suffered, but my mental health and sense of self suffered so much more.


I wouldn’t say I hit rock bottom, but I did once ask the local chippy if they were looking for extra staff…. a brief moment of madness, don’t worry!

6) I tried to cure my fear of flying by doing a solo parachute jump. I broke my arm on the way out of the plane and landed 10 square miles away from the landing spot, face down in a cornfield. Weirdly, I’m no longer scared of flying.

7) Neon colours make my mouth water. I had to resist sinking my teeth into the kids’ brand-new pots of day-glow play dough back in the day.

8) It took me 40 years to figure out what I wanted to do for a living. I tried so many different jobs for size and paid attention to the bits that I loved. The result? The very best training I could have to do this work, now for people like you.

9) I love, love, LOVE Prince. If a song of his comes on the radio while we’re eating tea I declare a dance break and we stop eating to strut our tiny, purple thangs while it’s on.

10) If it was a life-or-death situation I’d pick: trees over sea, cheese over chocolate and sunsets over sunrises every time (but I’d rather have them all, thank you very much).