Messaging X-ray

A unique blend of support to get the clarity you crave in your messaging and marketing.

Messaging X-ray

When your messaging is broken, everything suffers


Marketing, promotion, sales and content creation becomes a nightmare.


Consistency gets patchy.


Your confidence dive bombs.


Round and round it goes, on a misery-go-round you didn’t buy a ticket for.


It’s making you dizzy, but I can help you get off


Clarity feels like something other people have. It’s a rare gift, and it’s so hard to give it to yourself.


The good news is – I can give you the clarity you crave.


The better news is – it’s fun, exciting, empowering and easy
to do this work together.

Crystal clear vision

You’ve been searching for your brand message, but it’s there already. You just need someone to shine a light on it. That’s what X-ray Messaging will do.

Why you need it

I can’t stress this enough: your messaging is at the heart of your whole business

Without it, selling becomes even harder. Marketing is non existent. Nobody gets what you do.

What I’ve found – with my clients and my own experience – is you don’t realise how important your messaging is until you’re half way along the path. And then you start to blame yourself when things don’t work out.

You tell yourself you’re not working hard enough, you’re not following the right adivce. You’re just not very good at what you do.

But that stops now. Because it’s not YOU, it’s your message. And getting the messaging piece right, pulls everything else together, too.

Clear messaging means no more second guessing, no more overwhelm, no more ‘winging it’.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Love the sound of this, Abi!
What’s included

3 x 90 minute sessions to get super clear on:

* Your audience – make sure we know exactly what they need, so we can make sure you’re delivering on your promises
* Your offer(s) – get all the details sorted, confirmed and mapped out, so there’s no big question marks further down the line
* Your messaging – we get all your key messages in a line, so you can use them throughout your content to resonate and connect with the right people.

After our time together I create your Messaging X-ray – a messaging guide to keep you and your marketing on track.

By the end of the sessions, you’ll have the clarity, understanding, knowledge AND confidence to move forward with your business.

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Who it’s perfect for

Literally anyone who needs to explain, demonstrate, promote or sell what they do and how they do it.

It’s critical work for your business whether you’re starting out, well established, changing tack or launching something new.

I work with coaches, creative business owners or creative thinkers. Identify as you will, I don’t set the ‘creative’ rules.

X-Ray Messaging is especially useful if you struggle to explain the transformation or value you offer to clients. If you can’t put into words what you do, or can’t get a grasp of how others see you, then this work is golden. Even if you don’t do it with me, find someone to do it with.

The world needs to see you exactly as you are. The world needs what you have to offer more than ever.

I’d love to talk to you about this, Abi
How much it costs

I like to be transparent with my pricing.

And I know people go on about ‘it’s not the price, it’s the INVESTMENT’ but with this kind of work, it’s a deep, enriching and empowering investment that will continue to give back to you and your business long after our work together.

The current price for all of this just £750.

It’s too low. I know that. Snap it up while you can!

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